Zita West Vital Essence 2 Capsules - Zita West Vital Essence 2 Capsules 90s

Zita West Vital Essence 2 Capsules

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ZITA WEST Vital Essence 2 90caps

By the second trimester your baby’s limbs will be fully formed and the joints able to move. Eyelashes and eyebrows are beginning to grow, teeth are starting to develop in the jaw bones and fat stores are being laid down. The organs are maturing and the developing bones are continuing to ossify.The nervous system is becoming more developed and the brain is beginning to rapidly increase in size, its brain cells multiplying at an amazing 50,000 to 100,000 per second.The formulation of Vital Essence 2 provides everything you need including increased calcium, phosphorus and magnesium, Vitamin K and Co-enzyme Q10, as well as the recommended amount of folic acid. Three tablets a day (after food) a day will meet the growing demands of you and your baby.
Suitable for vegetarians.